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Learning to play the guitar, guitar lessons in the Kiev center

Individual guitar lessons

  • Learning to play the acoustic guitar Learning to play the acoustic guitar

    Vocational training to play the acoustic guitar. Individual program built on the musical preferences of the student.

  • Learning to play the electric guitar Learning to play the electric guitar

    The basics of playing the electric guitar. Working with the guitar sound for different styles. Rapid technique of playing the electric guitar. Working with the equipment.

  • Guitar lessons for children and adults

    Age limit for adults do not. For children, the minimum age - seven years (though not necessarily). There is a successful experience in teaching guitar, children under that age.

  • Guitar lessons at home

    Learn to play guitar at home. Check out anywhere in Kiev.

  • It has long dream to learn to play guitar?

    Believe me, learn to play the guitar so much the same as actually say to learn to drive a car. You only need the desire to play.

    The question arises: What will I be able to after the guitar training?

    How much time learning to play guitar

    In the study of the guitar itself will require more than a year there are many nuances. Any experienced guitar teacher will tell you definitely that all newcomers allow the same mistakes, and if you do not learn to control them, to play the guitar properly you will not learn than ever. The most important thing when you play the guitar - it does not learn to play guitar chords and fight, and correct statement of his hands, feeling the music. Point out to you your mistakes (which are always present) will only professional guitar teacher, a practicing guitarist. Not necessarily to do with the guitar teacher for over a year, often enough, and 10-20 lessons to understand the basics of playing the guitar and learn to read music and guitar tablature. Some are quite a few guitar lessons, and ktomu something like taking lessons from a teacher all the time.

    That will never do a guitar tutorial book

    As mentioned above, even the best tutorial on guitar does not specify the mistakes a novice. No time will correct hand and say that, if to do next, "so" and then will have a long and tedious to be retrained in order to develop further and play the guitar better and more technical.

    The development of musical thought

    The development of musical thinking is always a guitarist in the guitar tutorial. Any good school of guitar playing tends to develop musical thinking guitarist. To go beyond that you need to know and feel the music, the diversity of musical styles, and for that you need experience. The experience of playing the guitar and the experience of musical thought. For years, teacher of the guitar (any practicing musician) plays before you get it. Give the same experience can be gained over the years for a few lessons. {SAPE1}

    Can I learn to play guitar on their own

    If one day you want to learn how to play guitar, then you first ask yourself the question: "is it possible to learn to play guitar by yourself?". The unequivocal answer to that shown in the title question is no, because it is absolutely individual. Nevertheless, here we will stick to the view that learn to play guitar «from scratch" can still be yourself. For this you need the Internet, bought on the Internet or music store guitar tutorial, a table of chords for the guitar, and of course, guitar.

    Do I need a hearing to play the guitar

    Do I have a musical ear to learn to play guitar? This is a common mistake to think that without a perfect ear for music can not be learn to play guitar or any other musical instrument (violin, as an exception ...). In fact, there is an ear for music with everyone, it will evolve as your music lessons. A guitar, by the way, is absorbed much easier to many other musical instruments, although it is a complex musical instrument. The main thing to have desire to play the guitar and patience, because this week you will not learn, but for the first month, you can achieve tangible results. If all else fails - do not drop classes and do not give up halfway. Through it passed everything. Sooner or later you must do it.

    Select the first guitar

    By the way, do not rush the choice of guitar. It is not necessary to choose the most expensive guitar in a music store, which "fits the color of the wallpaper." This is one of the most common mistakes beginners, because you should start not with the speaker, and certainly not with an electric guitar. For a start it is desirable to buy a normal classical guitar with nylon strings, as taught on the guitar with metal strings will be much harder, because they are more stringent, and the fingers are not used to playing the guitar, will be hurt much more.

    Deliberate play on the guitar

    If you want to consciously play the guitar ? Learning to consciously play the guitar itself is also quite possible, but in my opinion is not constructive, because the time and effort spent on this can be more effectively applied to reduce the learning time in five. Skills which gives the teacher playing the guitar is finished bricks from which you build your own musical lock. If you want to build a house, the first thought you have is: Where can I buy a brick? You can certainly make the most bricks, but faster and more efficient to buy them and start building. Similarly, guitar lessons, as the building blocks of which are based Your musical skills.

    From classic rock and jazz to heavy metal

    The guitar is a very interesting and versatile tool that allows you to "squeeze" out a lot of interesting things. Not going in cycles on the style we have to wring the most out of the guitar lessons classic rock to heavy metal.

    Guitar teacher, or self?

    Is it better to learn to play the guitar or the professional self. I compare these two approaches are not very well, because everyone has his own way. It may be noted only the pros and cons of these approaches. But the best way is to balance the combination of these two approaches. It is the combination of private lessons on guitar with self-learning gives the best results. I sincerely wish you to learn how to play this beautiful instrument.

    I wish you success in learning to play guitar Sergei Sokolov

Guitar adults

Guitar lessons for adults , a good way to relieve stress and to plunge into the world of music more

Guitar for children

Learning to play the guitar , for children can be an interesting exercise. {SAPE2}

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